Wild Ones

Wild Ones was created by a game company called Playdom. The idea is to buy pets and gain exp and get money to buy cloths and weapons to make the game more exciting. Monkeys and pandas and dogs and rabbits kill each other! Rocket primary weapon for attack is most common.Over 15,000 player online everyday. It is a very popular game. Dresses pants and misc. and more on Wild Ones! You can bet too. Recommend Wild Ones if you have facebook! Anyone can Edit!


Whats New On Wild Ones Wiki

Mod/Wiki Staff new wepons


New Updates On Wild Ones


New Update. Now Rubber Grenades are 10 for 200! Get ready for rubber grenades!

From Frank


In response to your concerns, we will soon be adding the option to play the original 'last man standing' style of gameplay in your multiplayer matches. Because of certain constraints, there may be some slight differences between the new option and the original gameplay mechanic, but you WILL have the option to play single death matches. This option will take at least a few days for the team to push out so be please patient while we work on it!

From El Guapo

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