Wiki Rules

Since this wiki is open to all users about Wild Ones. This wiki is only for and about the game Wild Ones ONLY! Anything else is forbidden to post. If you use or do anything from above you will be editing block from your user account.

Not allowed in this wiki

  • Spam know as Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages are forbidden to any article or post.
  • Vandalism is destroying public property (know as this wiki.) Vandalism is strictly forbidden
  • Advertisement is forbidden in Wild Ones Wiki i know as a spammy matter.

Respect Everyone

Respect all the wiki editors and wiki staff and visitors.Wiki staff are to be respect and obey at all times.

The same goes for everyone.Dont try to be rude or disrespectful and even if you are you will stop get banned from the edit settings.

Correct Grammar and Spelling.

If you dont know how to spell a word, Search it up on google, especially when you are editing.

User page politics

So come with the Blog and Talk pages. Act mature dont be rude or anything else.

Bad usernames

Any usernames found like Racist,Sexist,Disturbing, your account will be blocked from here. You will have a second chance though.

Respect all of these Rules

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