Wild ones laser

laser cannon


Weapons are intense items that destroy your enemy. In this article we are going to tell you the defence and the attack and damage.

Weapon Damage Defence Price
Grenade 240 None 150 for 10
Teleporter None None 500 for 10
Laser cannon 400 None 48f for 50
Scatter Mirv (Near 200) None 9f for 20
Beehive launcher (400) if all bees touch him None

9f for 10

Grappling hook None None 500 for 10
Goo Globgun 120 None 9f for 10
Mirv Launcher 150 None 9f for 10
Drill Gun 250 Drills through 800 for 10
Spider Bomb 200 None 9f for 30
Rocket 220(Max) None Free
Anti Grav missle 280(estimated) None 9f for 10

F stands for facebook Credits

Limit time means it going to end soon!

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