Wild ones laser

Laser cannon

Pets are the main charcher of the whole game.


Pet Jump Speed Health Price
Dog Low Average High/best good (299)
Rabbit High Average Average

Good (299)

Panda Low Low High Average (1,299)
Monkey Best Average Average (100)

This Data is the pets in wild ones in 4 categories

Health- how long you will live

Speed- how fast you will go

Jump- How far you can Jump

Price- How expensive the pet is

Dogs- When its your first time playing wild ones you start out with him. He has a bone that is a mine that does 200

Rabbit- You buy them for 299 in the store. The rabbit has supper jump,you can jump really jump far to high places and its useful

Panda's- They walk very slow but... It can be useful without ammo in close range with his punch that does 200 damage!

Monkeys- They are very good at jumping and they are useful. It can climb on edges where you would fall and you hang on! Crazy Monkey! But they are expensive

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