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Sink or Swim - In this map there can be a max of 6 players. The map is very limited space. Enemys can hit you very easily.Sink or Swim in the ONLY map you get when you start.

Foolish Errors - You get foolish errors when you hit level 3. There is a lot of space to move. It is kinda funny though. Grappling hooks are mostly used and teleporters too and rockets.

Critter Falls - You unlock Critter Falls at level 4. A lot of space to move around. Harder to hit targets. Teleporters and grappling hooks and grenades and rockets are mostly used in Critter Falls, sometimes Mirv Launcher.

Ice Bridges - You unlock at Level 5. There's not a lot of space and its harder to hit your enemys with rockets due to the bridges. We recommend that you use drill gun due to bridges and it makes harder to hit than others. Teleporters and rockets and drill guns are mostly used.

Crash Landing - Crash landing you unlock at level 8. Not that much space but still enough to move around. Mostly teleporters and beehive launcher and rockets are used here. Great for hitting targets too but be careful mines are all over here!

Hot and Spicy - Unlock at level 18. There is plenty of space to shoot and aim. But mines are here. This map is a shooting rink on top. Mostly teleporters and rockets are used

Creepy Crawly - Unlock at level 30. There IS NOT a lot of space here. There are only under tunnel shooting. This is the a horrible place to shoot. Plenty of mines here too. Advised that ONLY people with drill guns ( unlock at level 27) should be here. It is very difficult to aim and shoot your targets. Mostly Drill Guns are used here and teleporters and Grappling Hooks and rockets.

Lab Rats - Unlock at level 34. Only Pros play here. A lot of space for shooting. Mostly grenades and rockets and teleporters are used here. Be advised that there are mines all over this arena.

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